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Overview of white butterfly

The butterfly is the insects that have the variety of colors. Every butterfly wings color symbolized for the different things.  Here in this article, you will see the White Butterfly Meaning with its images and wallpaper. Generally, all the Butterflies are representing for souls.

Here I also give the name of some white butterfly species name with images. The Pieris rapae is the famous white butterfly species and it is also known as a small white, small cabbage white or  white butterfly

White butterfly meaning

The white butterfly is the symbol of purity, good luck, spiritual change and generally, it is the pure soul. If any white butterfly flying around you means good luck is on the way. Some culture believes that is the sign of death.

Some other cultures believe that white butterflies are seen it means the summer season coming or hot weather coming. If you will catch and keep a white butterfly it is lucky but when you see white butterfly free its more lucky.

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White butterflies pictures

White butterfly name

  • Pieris rapae

 Pieris rapae white butterfly image

  • Pieris brassicae

Pieris brassicae white butterfly images

  • Green-veined white

Green veined white butterfly picture

  • Pontia Protodice

Pontia protodice white butterfly wallpaper

  • Melanargia galathea

Melanargia galathea butterfly photo

  • Leptidea sinapis

Leptidea sinapis white butterfly pic

What does a white butterfly eat?

The white butterfly is feed on the nectar from flowers, sugar water, leaves of cabbage.

White butterfly images and wallpaper

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