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Pretty Lycaenidae Butterfly Facts Images Eggs Wallpaper Guide

Overview Of Lycaenidae Butterfly

The Lycaenidae Butterfly is the second largest family of butterfly and its belong to the Nymphalidae butterflies family. This butterfly has a  6,000 species in the worldwide. Here in this article, you will see the Lycaenidae Butterfly Images Facts Eggs wallpaper guide in brief. 

They butterfly family is mainly divided into four subfamilies.

  •  Blues (Polyommatinae)
  • Coppers (Lycaeninae)
  • Hairstreaks (Theclinae)
  • Harvesters (Miletinae)


Lycaenidae Butterfly Facts


  • The Members of this butterfly family are also called as the ‘gossamer-winged butterflies’.
  • The most species of this butterfly is has a blue or brown color.
  • Another butterfly species has a copper color.
  • This butterflies also have streaked markings on their wings, for this reason, it is also known as a “hairstreaks” (Theclinae).
  • The adult butterfly has a black and white hairy antenna on the tail.
  • The many other species of this butterfly also has a spot at the base of the tail.
  • They mainly feed on aphids, scale insects, and ant larvae.

Lycaenidae life cycle

Lycaenidae pupa

Lycaenidae larva image

Lycaenidae egg images

Lycaenidae egg images

Lycaenidae butterfly life cycle pic


Lycaenidae habitat

These Lycaenidae Butterfly family members are mostly found in the tropics. They have a many species but some 125 species are in Queensland out of them 102 are found in the north of Townsville. The only nine species of this butterflies are found in Tasmania.

The other tropical and subtropical butterfly species are found in the rainforest. Some few species of this Lycaenidae Butterfly occur in another habitat

Lycaenidae wingspan

The Adults Lycaenidae Butterflies are small and it usually has an under 5 cm long brightly colored, sometimes with metallic gloss wings. 

Lycaenidae Butterfly Images And Wallpaper

Coppers (Lycaeninae) Butterfly Photos 

Lycaenidae butterfly

Harvesters (Miletinae) BButterfly Wallpaper

Harvesters Miletinae  butterfly image

Harvesters Miletinae  butterfly pictures

Harvesters Miletinae  butterfly pics

Harvesters Miletinae  butterfly pic

Harvesters Miletinae  butterfly free

Harvesters Miletinae  butterfly pic

Awesome Hairstreaks (Theclinae) Butterfly Pic

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly free

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly hd pic

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly image

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly photos

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly photo

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly pics




Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly pic

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly images

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly image

Hairstreaks Theclinae  butterfly

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly images

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly image

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly hd photos

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly hd photo

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly photos

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly photo

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly pics

Coppers Lycaeninae butterfly pic

Blues (Polyommatinae) Butterfly Images

blues polyommatinae butterfly pictures

blues polyommatinae butterfly hd pic

blues polyommatinae butterfly free

blues polyommatinae butterfly hd pic

blues polyommatinae butterfly picture

blues polyommatinae butterfly pics

blues polyommatinae butterfly pic

polyommatinae butterflies

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