Painted Lady (Cynthia) Butterfly Facts, Habitat, Information And Images

Painted Lady (Cynthia)

The scientific name of the Painted Lady Butterfly is Cynthia. This Painted Lady butterfly belongs from the Nymphalidae Family. Here in this article, you will see this Painted Lady Butterfly Facts, habitat, life cycle, information, and images.

The Cynthia is the group of colorful butterfly and they include the following butterfly.

  • Painted Lady (Vanessa These)
  • Australian painted lady (Vanessa kershawi)
  • American (painted) Lady (Vanessa virginiensis)
  • West Coast Lady (Vanessa Annabella)

Painted Lady Butterfly Facts

Painted Lady Butterfly Information

  • The painted lady butterfly has Orange Color Wings with the row of small five black spots.
  • This butterflies have a black, brown, orange and gray pattern on underside wings with four small brown, black and blue eyespots.

Painted lady butterfly facts

Painted Lady Butterfly Specification
Scientific name Cynthia
Family Nymphalidae
Higher classification Vanessa
Other names painted ladies
wing span 5–9 cm (2.0–3.5 in)
Lifecycle Less than one month
Egg size Very small pin tip.
Egg color Light green color
Distribution Antarctica, Australia,  North America, Northern Hemisphere, and South to Panama.
Habittat for everywhere, open or disturbed areas, gardens, old fields, and dunes.
Host plants
Hollyhock, Pearly Everlasting, ‘Silver Brocade Artemisia.
Food Goldenrods, marigolds, and everlastings.
Lifespan Two to four weeks.

Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle

  • The female butterfly always lay light green color 12 to 14 spherical shape and longitudinal ridges about the size of pin tip eggs.
  • These Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars have a black to purple with yellow-green stripes on body and long spines.
  • Painted lady butterfly pupa has a reddish brown color chrysalis.
  • The adult female butterfly lay eggs on the plants and that was fertilized by the male butterfly.

Painted lady butterfly life cyclePainted lady butterfly life cycle

Painted Lady Butterfly Images Free Download

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