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Pieridae Butterfly Facts With Images, Habitat, Life Cycle In Detail

Pieridae Butterfly Overview

The Pieridae Butterfly is the large family of various butterflies. This Pieridae Butterfly has 16 genera wich contains about  1,100 species. Here in this article, you will see these Pieridae Butterfly facts with elegant images. You can also see it’s habitat, food and life Cycle In Detail. This butterfly is also called as “Pierids”.

Pieridae Butterfly Facts

This Pieridae Butterfly family has a basic three subfamilies, of which the Whites, oranges and the Yellows. 

  • Small Cabbage White Butterfly
  • Orange Tip Butterfly
  • Southern Dogface Butterfly

Pieridae Butterfly Facts


The Most of the adult pierid butterflies are small to medium in size with white, yellow, or orange color wings. They also have small black spots on wings.

The both sexes generally look different repeatedly in their pattern and number of the black markings on their wings. In both sexes, the forelegs are well developed. 


These Pieridae Butterfly larvae only feed on the brassicas plants of the mustard family and Crucifer. They are popular agricultural pests. The caterpillars of this butterflies are most feed on legumes plant.


The female Pieridae Butterflies are lay columnar shape eggs on leaves, buds, and stems. This butterfly has may be more than one generation per year. After the over winter they are converted into the larvae or pupae. 


Pieridae butterfly lifecycle information picture


The most species are live in tropical Africa and tropical Asia. Some other species of this Pieridae Butterflies are found in the northern regions of North America. 

Pieridae Butterfly Subfamilies Images

Orange Tip Butterfly

orange tip butterfly pictures

great orange tip butterfly habitat orange tip butterfly habitat great orange tip butterfly

falcate orange tip butterfly

orange tip butterfly

orange tip butterfly ireland

orange tip butterfly scotland

Small Cabbage White Butterfly

cabbage white butterfly images

cabbage white butterfly pics cabbage white butterfly pic cabbage white butterfly images hd cabbage white butterfly images free cabbage white butterfly pic

cabbage white butterfly image

image of cabbage white butterfly

 of cabbage white butterfly

cabbage white butterfly photo

Southern Dogface Butterfly

southern dogface butterfly pics southern dogface butterfly pic southern dogface butterfly southern dogface butterfly information southern dogface butterfly southern dogface butterfly range southern dogface butterfly life cycle southern dogface butterfly facts

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