Speckled Wood Butterfly (Pararge aegeria) Facts And Images Free Download

Speckled Wood Butterfly (Pararge aegeria)

Speckled Wood Butterfly Facts


Speckled Wood is a brown color butterfly generally found in the woodland and throughout the Palearctic ecozone. This Speckled Wood butterfly species has a many subspecies such as Pararge aegeria aegeria, Pararge aegeria tircis, Pararge aegeria oblita, and Pararge aegeria insula.

Here in this article, you will see the basic information of Speckled Wood butterfly like Speckled Wood Butterfly Facts, speckled wood butterfly life cycle, and speckled wood butterfly images. You can use this speckled wood butterfly images to decorate your mobile, desktop and tablet screen.

Speckled Wood Butterfly Description

The speckled wood butterfly is a brown color butterfly with yellowish and orange spots on the wings. It is also has a several eyes spot on the wings. Both male and female look similar in appearance.

The underside wings of this butterfly are light and dark brown in color. speckled wood butterfly caterpillar is yellowish to green with a dark green stripe on the back and sides.

Speckled Wood Butterfly Facts

speckled wood butterfly Specification
Scientific name Pararge aegeria
Higher classification  Pararge
wingspan  5.1 cm (2 in)
Caterpillar length up to 2.7 cm
Distribution  Britain, southwest England, parts of Wales, western Scotland, Northern and central Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, Russia, and Central Asia.
Habitat shady woodland edges, hedgerows, scrub, forest, meadow steppe, forest, woods, glades, gardens.
Food  Grass, flower nectar, and host plant leaf.
Life Span  Average 6 to 12 month


speckled wood butterfly life cycle

This speckled wood butterfly generally, seen in the from March to October. The female butterfly always lay small round shaped white eggs on host plants leaf. After some days caterpillars come out from the eggs and it is hatch for ten days. The caterpillars feed only during the day and night on host plants. caterpillars have a green color skin.

After some day caterpillar has light green color chrysalis on the body and this Pupae attached with the foodplant.

Speckled wood butterfly life cycle

Speckled Wood Butterfly Images

Speckled wood butterfly female image

Speckled wood butterfly hd wallpaper free download

Speckled wood butterfly hd wallpaper

Speckled wood butterfly image free download

Speckled wood butterfly image

Speckled wood butterfly lower wings pictures

Speckled wood butterfly pic

Speckled wood butterfly photo

Speckled wood butterfly photo

Speckled wood butterfly photo

Speckled wood butterfly photos

Speckled wood butterfly pic

Speckled wood butterfly picture

Speckled wood butterfly wallpaper

Speckled wood butterfly wallpaper


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